7 Online Wine Stores to Check Out in 2021

December 3, 2020

There have been too many e-commerce stores closing their [virtual] doors over the past couple of years (R.I.P. AmazonWine & WineCommune) so I thought I would share with you some of my top picks for e-commerce wine stores going into 2018.


Exquisite wines from the Americas and Europe

My favorite part of the site is the daily offers tab that always convinces me to try something new

Taking it a step further, they also offer a cellar service… taking the art of collecting into a fine-tuned science

Shop Wine Direct

It’s best features….

…single serving wines…

…free shipping on 12 bottle case…

…and independently owned that has been in business for over 30 years!


Ebay for wine sales is how I would describe this site.  There are always deals to be made on the auctions, but if you can’t wait (or are pissed that “Sandy outbid you”), there’s always the Buy Now function. 

Sometimes I wish I could people watch those auctions when they’re going live, though maybe a time-lapse video would be needed…


The founders invented Wine.com to modernize the way people learn about and buy wine through robust wine information, easy to use discovery tools, and no-kidding customer service.

What’s not to love about the classic wine.com. 

Wine library

No e-commerce wine shop list would be complete without @Garyee’s Winelibrary site, and my favorite part is he actually reviews a handful of wines.

Then there’s their Library Pass membership which gets you free shipping on all your orders!

…which makes me feel a little better about those monthly wine shipments…

2020 Wine Merchants

The sheer volume of wines available makes them an easy pick for this list, but I absolutely love that they added spirits and gifts to their website. 

The best part is the separate tab displaying the Wine Spectator Top 100 list each year… which great when I’m looking to try something new.


Their mission: “UNITE A TRIBE WITH OUR LOVE OF WINE, AND FOOD, AND THIS ADVENTURE CALLED LIFE.”… what’s not to love about that?  They only sell wines they are absolutely in love with… needless to say customers come first for them; it’s not all about sales.

The only sad part is they’re not yet available in the Unites States, but it looks like it is on the roadmap!

Lastly, for those who are new to purchasing wine through the world wide web, check out this helpful article on regulations (sorry in advance for those of you in Utah).


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